About us

The Diez Family

“Ubuntu,” which is one of the fonts we use in our platform and website, in Africa means “I am because We are.” Essentially, this is an acknowledgment that we are family and so treat each other as so… We thought that this was fitting for Service Pond as that is exactly what we are! That’s right! We are a family-owned online app/website business! Not sure if we are the first in this field, but definitely unique to our competitors in this way. What does this mean for you? It means that joining Service Pond is more than just joining the next revolutionary platform in freelancing or joining a movement towards freedom… Yup, you’re doing all that and together with us- as a family.




What’s Our Goal? Freedom.

Clients of Service Pond, like yourselves, we also know the struggle of looking for good freelancers who are honest and conscientous. And like yourselves, Freelancers, we know that it can be a huge pain to be cheated and not paid properly after a hard day of work. In short, we know the pain of being slaves to broken promises. That’s why, with the goal to free people from the bondage of “work” to doing what they love- Service Pond was born. 


Freelance. Freedom. Forever.

Although we are family we are also the foundation of this new revolutionary platform. By this, we mean that we are everything that family is but also everything that hard work | success | and vision are.

Giomar Diez

CEO / Co-Founder

Courtney Diez

COO / Co-Founder

Mauricio Diez

Marketing Analyst

Desiree Diez

Social Media Director