How We Benefit You-

The Fisherman

The Service Pond world, where the Clientele are the Fishermen.

In the outside of world of service, there is high risk for: loss of money and damages, shady business and unprofessionalism, chaos and distress. Clients of Service Pond who enter our world will get two things- professional service with ease of mind. Simply put… In the Service Pond world, like any fisherman, all you have to do is reel in the fish you want and enjoy!

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Secure Transactions- Every Step of the Way

To track and log everything in your transactions, simply use the chat feature tab in your Service Pond mobile app. Feel free to message him/her, set an appointment time and discuss the details of the job, and even send any relevant pictures so that your prospective Freelancer can properly evaluate your job. To protect your privacy as much as possible and to log everything as detailed as possible, we suggest that you do not exchange your contact information with your Freelancer and keep all communication on the Service Pond platform.

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Background Checked & Even Interviewed

Before Freelancers can join our community, they are given the option to undergo an extensive screening process- each one must pass an identity check and is screened for criminal offenses. Additionally, all Freelancers have an opportunity to be personally interviewed/reviewed by Service Pond before they start accepting jobs/projects.

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Keeping it Simple- Ratings & Reviews

Upon the completion of a job/project within the app, the Fish (Freelancer) and the Fisherman (Client) will be prompted to leave a review for each other and to reply to each other’s review! Service Pond is committed to creating and maintaining a social media platform that encourages honesty from both Fish (Freelancers) and Fishermen (Clients). Offering user-generated constructive feedback instills trust and improves the quality of the platform.

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Fast, Easy, & Fun

Whether on the Apple, Android, or PWA… Tab through the different categories of freelancers; from an accountant to a pet sitter- it’s all at your fingertips. The fish are ready to be caught; just throw out your line! We’ve handled everything else. Browsing for a qualified freelancer has never been easier nor safer nor funner.

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Let’s Go Fishing!

No need to worry about the extra stuff- Compare Freelancers from skill level to whether or not have been licensed/insured to whether or not they have received the “Background Check” Badge (Shark Icon in image)! Agree to a contract and set up how and when payments will be made on your project using our completely reliable pay system. We recommend starting every job (if necessary) with an agreement that clearly outlines the cost of diagnosing the job, getting the parts, and the cost of overall labor.

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