Frequently Asked Questions


Service Pond

What is Service Pond?

Service Pond is the new revolutionary marketplace platform for freelancers and everyone else. An unusual pond where all types of fish thrive and fishermen prosper! With the goal to free people from the bondage of “work” to doing what they love- we were born.


What is this Service Pond Lingo?

You may be wondering: “What do you mean by- fishermen, fish, entering the pond, etc.?” Well… Here we go!

The Pond

This is where the magic happens. Where the fish thrive off of the bait that is thrown to them by the fishermen only to eventually get reeled in by one of them. Still confused? 😅 Put simply, “The Pond” is the Service Pond platform itself where Freelancers go to see if there are any opportunities for them provided by the Clients to do what they do best in their own respective fields. Got it now?


These are the Clients who throw the “Bait” into the pond for “The Fish to bite. Why are they the “Fishermen”? Well… In the real world, fishermen are the ones who use fish to meet their needs whether that is to profit, to experiment, or simply eat! Without Freelancers, Clientele can’t get their needs met and the pond is essentially useless!


The Fish are the Freelancers in the “Pond.” In the real world, they provide food, entertainment, and whatever else imaginable to all Fisherman and people alike! Therefore, on the Service Pond platform, whether it be to fix a problem, satisfy the hunger of a client, or simply provide some entertainment- the Freelancers in the platform are ready to get reeled in!

The Bait

What connects a fish to a fisherman is bait. In the Service Pond platform- “The Bait” that connects the Freelancer to the Client is the work that needs to get done. The need that needs to be met.

Deep Sea Divers

Now, you may or may have not noticed that there is such a thing as the “Deep Sea Divers.” Who are these guys? They are the workers of the Service Pond platform and perform various duties to maintain it. Curious to know more about them? Check them out a little more in the article below. Possibly want to sign up to be one? Feel free to reach out to us!

How does Service Pond get paid?

We get paid when you (the Freelancer) gets paid and when the Client is satisfied. We get a service fee of 7% per transaction from the Freelancer as a “thank you” gift for the lead and a 7% quality assurance fee from the client (Currently waiving 6% of the quality assurance fee on all transactions- in effect til further notice). You got it! A small price to pay + a very small Escrow fee (3.25% [6.3% if using a Credit Card] or $10 for any service less than $300- learn more here) for a problem-solving platform = worth it!

What's the 7% quality assurance fee from the client for?

(Currently WAIVING 6% of this fee on all transactions with current promotion- in effect til further notice!It’s our reward for fulfilling our promise of exceptional service every time! Of course, we can’t control every situation, but In the rare event that you’re not happy with the outcome- we’ll make sure to make it right.

What's a Deep Sea Diver?

Not what, but who!? In one sentence: they are the Freelance Broker Agents who work directly with Service Pond! To elaborate: they are the ones who guide the Fish (Freelancers) and/or Fisherman (Clientele) into the pond. Why should YOU be interested? Well… When your Fish (Freelancer whom you successfully signed up) completes their first project in the app, you get 5% commission from the total project and 2% for their next 2 transactions! Ex: You sign on a roofer (who on average makes $3,000 per job); upon completion of a project you will earn 5%- that’s an automatic $150 + $120 from the next two 2% transactions. And YES! If you connect the roofer and the client through the app for their first transaction, you will get the full 7% commission for yourself! $210 earned from a typical $3,000 job and don’t forget the 2% for the next two transactions after that! 😉 Are YOU interested? Feel free to reach out to us if you want to learn more and see if we are hiring in your area! Contact Us.


How are payments processed?

We are proud partners of –  a simple and secure solution to make and receive payments. Being easy to use and transparent, Freelancers can see when a job is funded before even going to a job site, secure their payments, and clients can get the opportunity to review the work (UP TO 3 DAYS) before releasing the funds.

The entire payment process, including reimbursements and tips, is handled securely through the integration of Escrow. This is good news for both the Fish (Freelancer) and the Fishermen (Clients)! For one, before booking your job, you will be prompted to pay up front the cost of the estimated project (such a payment will be made to us directly as the “Holding Company”)- this verifies your identity and validates to your Freelancer that you’re committed to the job. After all, Freelancers don’t work for free 😉. However, your funds will not be released until both yourself and the Freelancer confirm the job has been successfully completed, leaving YOU time to review the pending charges at the end and ensure accuracy.

“Do I ever pay in cash?” Short answer: “Nope” 🙂. If Service Pond was at a check out line and we were asked “Paper or Plastic,” we’d say “Plastic. Don’t you know paper doesn’t do well in water?” 😅. Without the pay system we established, there is uncertainty of whether or not the Freelancer will get paid, arguments over the amount owed, and other potential issues that may arise that we can’t assist with. Therefore, Service Pond says “Plastic” every time!

Regarding invoices, they will all be sent to the email associated with your Service Pond account. The price you see at the end is your Freelancer’s charge including a 7% quality assurance fee from the Client and a 7% service fee from the Freelancer- which is paid directly to Service Pond. Overall, your Freelancer will submit an invoice that shows the Diagnostics Fee (if applicable), number of hours worked (if applicable), the rate they charged you at (if applicable), the Service and Quality Assurance fees, and the total. The funds will automatically be released after the Freelancer and Client validate the work that was done.

Issue with Payment?

If there is an issue with your invoice, please contact your Freelancer to try to resolve the issue.

If you and your Freelancer cannot come to an agreement, please contact us. We’re here to help you and your Freelancer have the best experience possible with every job and project!

A helpful tip to avoid this issue in the future is to set clear expectations regarding the scope of the project, necessary reimbursements and your schedule. We recommend that payment is discussed openly  in the platform to avoid any confusion.

How do I reimburse my Freelancer for expenses?

Projects may require a Freelancer to purchase items for you- such approved expenses can be added to the reimbursements section of your invoice. He/She should include the receipt in your chat thread or provide you with the original copy as proof of the expense.

With that said, each Freelancer will have their own personal limits of how much they can spend on a project. Please include the expected cost of expenses within your project description to ensure that you are matched with a Freelancer who can purchase your item(s).

Please reimburse your Freelancer via your invoice rather than in cash, as Service Pond will not be responsible for any disputes arising from off-platform payments and will lead to immediate termination of your account if and when it is found out.

If a Freelancer is asked to purchase items of high value, they may contact Customer Support to verify the purchase. If a project cannot be completed due to the high value, we recommend prepaying for the items and if necessary using a Freelancer to deliver them to you. If you have questions about your project expenses, please chat with your Freelancer or contact our Customer Support team.


Payments on the Platform

The security of confidential information, such as payment information, is essential to the success of the platform. For this reason, we ask all Fish (Freelancers) and Fishermen (Clientele) alike to refrain from violating our payment system in any form.

Violating the payment system includes:

  • Accepting a payment for hours worked outside of the platform
  • Improperly invoicing hours (more or less hours than actually worked)
  • Invoicing for hours worked as reimbursements
  • Giving a Client your contact information (phone number, email address, or website) for the purpose of an off-platform payment
  • Canceling a job that has been completed
  • Any other action that circumvents the Service Pond payments system

Be aware that engaging in any of the above actions means that the job/project is no longer protected by us- thus making you personally liable for any issues, damages or injuries arising from the job. This will also lead to an immediate termination of an account if and when discovered by one of our Deep Sea Divers.

If you have information about fee avoidance, please contact our Customer Support Team so that we can act accordingly.

How does tipping work?

The Service Pond app does not include a tip when billing you for a Freelancer’s service. In most scenarios, Service Pond is a cashless experience aside from tipping. Please keep in mind tipping is voluntary- they are not expected nor required. You are not obligated to offer your Freelancer a gratuity in cash. If you decide you would like to tip your freelancer, he/she is welcome to accept. Tipping is optional and Freelancers receive 100% of the cash tip amount.

Can I edit my agreement once it's booked?

If you need to make any changes or clarifications to your job, communicate directly with your Freelancer by using the chat feature on your mobile app. When chatting with your Freelancer, you can provide further clarification of details and discuss the job at length.

If necessary, your Freelancer can reschedule the date and time of your job in the Service Pond app. If the scope of your job has changed and transaction details need to be modified, changes can be made on the transaction detail screen after signing onto only when the status is waiting for you to agree. If you are waiting for the other party to agree, only that party has access to the “modify” button. Once both parties have agreed to the terms, they must communicate their change requests to us.

If you need additional help, we’re here to assist you.

How do I reschedule or cancel? Will I be Charged?

If you no longer need a job completed, you can cancel or reschedule your job.


To reschedule a job, simply send a message to your Freelancer in the chat to ask them to reschedule. They can work with you to find a new appointment time.

Cancel Appointment

To cancel a set appointment, simply click the cancel button next to the name of your freelancer in the app and the transaction will be live once again.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel an appointment prior to establishing an agreement, the Freelancer or the Client can cancel the transaction by clicking the cancel button on the transaction detail screen.

If you both have come to an agreement, either party may cancel the transaction, only if we have not received the funds from the Client, by sending an email request here. After funds are secured, the cancellation of a transaction can only be done by our support team after notifying both the Fish (Freelancer) and the Fisherman (Client).

If some work has already been completed at the time of cancellation, you and your Freelancer should determine the amount the Freelancer should be paid and notify us via email. The rest of the money will be refunded to the client minus the escrow fee and Service Pond Commission.

Ratings and Reviews on the Platform

Upon the completion of a project within the app, the Fish (Freelancer) and the Fisherman (Client) will be prompted to leave a review for each other and then given the opportunity to reply to one another’s review! Service Pond is committed to creating and maintaining a social media platform that encourages honesty from both Fish (Freelancers) and Fishermen (Clients). Offering user-generated constructive feedback instills trust and improves the quality of the platform. Therefore, Service Pond reserves the right to remove reviews if they violate our Terms of Service or the guidelines set forth below.

To encourage candid feedback and avoid conflict, we ask our users to not contact each other about a negative review. If a user contacts you after leaving them a review, please notify our Customer Support Team.

As a Client, how do I leave a review?

Service Pond does not direct, monitor or review the performance of jobs, so other users value candid feedback to help provide the best possible experience on the platform.

When leaving a review, you can rate your experience with your Freelancer or Client on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.1-2 stars will display as a “negative” rating, 3 stars reflect an “ok” rating, and 4-5 stars as a “positive” rating.

Review Guidelines

  • Be honest, factual and focus on the performance of the job as opposed to commenting on the character of another User.
  • Do not post inappropriate content (including but not limited to profanity, personal insults, slurs, threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech or bigotry), or post anything else that is in violation of our Terms of Service.
  • Do not forfeit a payment / accept a reduced payment in exchange for a positive review
  • Only post about the performance of the project itself, and not your happiness or lack thereof with the platform (any comments about the platform itself should be sent to Service Pond’s Customer Support Team).
  • Post in a timely manner (within 30 days of task completion) and only things that are relevant to how the job was performed.
  • Only post one review per job.
  • Please don’t violate other user’s privacy by posting personal information about a user.

Ownership of User Generated Content

By making available any content on or through the platform, or through Service Pond promotional campaigns, you are granting Service Pond a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual (or for the term of the protection), non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sub license, to use, view, copy, adapt, modify, distribute, license, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, access, view, and otherwise exploit such content on, through, by means of or to promote or market the platform. Service Pond does not claim any ownership rights in any such content and nothing in our Terms of Service will be deemed to restrict any rights that you may have to use and exploit any such content.


How to hire more than one freelancer?

Since all Freelancers are independent contractors, each agreement in the app is set between yourself and ONE Freelancer (Team). If you need more than one Freelancer (Team) for a project, you should submit a new agreement for each hire. This ensures that every invoice and payment is allocated properly to each Freelancer’s personal account.

For example, if you need two people to help you move across town, please hire the two Freelancers separately. You cannot request two Freelancers in a single project agreement. Also please know that Freelancers are not permitted to bring a friend to a job; all Freelancers must be verified and background checked to maintain our promise of safety and security.

My Freelancer is not here or is late?

We’re sorry to hear that you Freelancer has not yet shown up or is late to arrive to your job.

Please try contacting your Freelancer through the chat feature found on the app and send your Freelancer a message.

If you are still unable to get in touch with your Freelancer, you can contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Professionalism on the Platform

Service Pond strives to deliver safe and reliable experiences for all Fish and Fishermen in the pond. Therefore, we ask everyone to act with professionalism in all platform-related interactions. To promote professionalism, we ask that you use your real name and an updated photo on your profile.

If a negative experience arises while you’re using the platform, please remain professional as you communicate and/or excuse yourself from the situation. If at any point you feel unsafe, you can contact the local authorities if you deem appropriate. If you have any relevant documentation, please retain it, as it might be useful information. We recommend contacting Customer Support immediately after.

How do I contact my Freelancer?

Communicating with your Freelancer

Like the payment system, once again we have made everything easy for you! 😄 Simply use the chat feature tab in your mobile app and message him/her, set an appointment time and discuss the details of the job, and even send any relevant pictures so that your prospective Freelancer can properly evaluate your job.

Mobile App Chat

Unlike other platforms, we believe you should have as much liberty as possible in choosing the best Freelancer for your particular job. Therefore, we have provided you the freedom to chat with as many freelancers you choose to get the best possible service.

Calling Your Freelancer

Please note that the chat feature should be your primary method of communication. If your Freelancer confirms that they are okay with a call, feel free to exchange numbers and call them. However to protect your privacy as much as possible and to log everything as detailed as possible, we suggest that you do not exchange your contact information with your Freelancer and keep all communication on the Service Pond platform.


We recommend to take the time to check your Freelancer’s profile, read reviews left by previous Clientele, and chat them for price on certain jobs.

If after chatting you decide this Freelancer isn’t the best fit for your task, you can always cancel the job.  

Hiring & Registration

Are the fish in the pond screened and background checked?

Before Freelancers can join our community, they are provided the option to undergo an extensive screening process- each one that takes this must pass an identity check and is screened for criminal offenses. Although optional, you can use this as a factor to choose your personal Freelancer!- look for the “Background Check” Badge (Orange Shark Icon) on their profile picture to distinguish!

Additionally, all Freelancers have an opportunity to be personally interviewed/reviewed by Service Pond before they start accepting jobs/projects. Such Freelancers who undergo this part of the review process will have an automatic 5-star rating and a review left by our team.

For additional questions concerning Trust & Safety, please refer to the section below or contact us. 

Insurance, Permitting, & Licensing

  1. Verify insurance. Something unexpected may happen during your project, so check your insurance policies to make sure you’re covered. Your own insurance provider is always the best resource to learn if your policy covers any risks associated with your project. You should also verify a Freelancer’s insurance!

  2. Not all freelancers may be properly licensed and/or insured! So, also like the background check, look to see whether or not your requested freelance service requires a license and insurance and check with each freelancer!
  3. Get permits and check licensing. A Freelancer’s license requirements (or whether permits are required for your project) depends on the laws of your city and state, and what kind of project you’re hiring for. Contact your state or local government about specific questions. We know this can be daunting, so we’ve pulled together some tips and resources to help you get started:

    • A business license is NOT the same thing as an occupational license. A business license generally just means the pro is registered to do business in a city or state. It doesn’t authorize the Freelancer to do any specific kind of project. An occupational license is what authorizes a Freelancer to do certain kinds of work—for instance, as a plumber or an electrician.
    • Please take note that some Freelancers may be licensed for your job under the license of an authorized business associate with whom they work.
    • There are several online resources that can help you verify a Freelancer’s occupational license. For example, BRB Publications, Inc. maintains a database of some state occupational licensing board websites.
    • Sometimes there may also be federal licensing requirements. For example, interstate movers must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Please note that, as a marketplace, Service Pond does not control the actions of any Freelancer or Client using our platform.

When will my registration be completed? (I'm a freelancer with restricted access)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Freelancer! 😄

We receive a high volume of applications, and we process registrations on a rolling basis as marketplace demand increases. Because we take care to prevent over-saturation of the marketplace, we cannot provide an exact timeline for when your registration may be processed.

Because our Community Team handles application processing, our Customer Support Team is unable to provide you a timeline or update on when your registration will be processed. You will receive a notification from our Community Team as soon as your registration is processed, or if we need additional information. If needed, you can modify your Freelancer registration for the time being.

What kinds of opportunities are available for potential Freelancers?

Freelancers can work in any available category of freelancing assuming they have the skills and prerequisites to do so. Please note that the opportunities available in your area may vary.

Below is a list of the different fields we offer through our platform:

Accountant (Needs a license)
Appraiser (Needs a license)
Architect (Needs a license)
Auto body Technician (Depends on State)
Babysitter (Check State for license)
Baker/Pastry Chef (Delivering? Needs a Catering License)
Barber/Hair Stylist (Needs a license)
Beautician (Needs a license)
Brow Waxer/Threader (Needs a license)
Car Detailer (Depends on State)
Caregiver (Needs a license)
Carpenter (Needs a license)
Carpet Cleaner (Needs a license)
Catering Services (Needs a Catering License)
Chef (Delivering? Needs a Catering License)
Chiropractor (Needs a license)
Clothing Consultant (Depends on State)
Cooking Instructor
Cosmetologist (Needs a license)
CPR & First Aid Trainer (Needs a license)
Custodian/Janitor (Depends on State)
Custom Tailor/Sewer
Dance Coach
Delivery Driver
Dog Walker
Electrician (Needs a license)
Event Planner/Coordinator
Financial Advisor (Needs a license)
Fitness Trainer
Flooring Installer (Needs license if earning more than $500 on a project)
Furniture Assembler
Garage door Technician (Needs License if earning more than $500 on a project)
General Contractor (Needs a license)
Graphics Designer
Gutter Cleaner (Needs a license)
Health Aide (Needs a license)
Health & Wellness Coach (Needs a license)
HVAC Technician (Needs a license)
Interior Designer (Depends on State)
Junk Remover & Hauler (Needs a license)
Landscaper (Needs a license)
Language Teacher
Lawn Caretaker (Needs license if earning more than $500 on a project)
Lawyer (Needs a license)
Life Coach
Makeup Artist (Depends on State)
Mason (Needs a license)
Massage Therapist (Needs a license)
Mechanic (Depends on State)
Moving Assistant (Needs a license)
Musical Instrument Teacher
Nail Technician (Needs a license)
Notarizer (Needs a license)
Nutritionist (Needs a license)
Occupational Therapist (Needs a license)
Painter (Depends on State)
Party Rental Supply Services
Personal Driver
Pet Groomer (Needs a license)
Pet Sitter
Pet Trainer/Whisperer (Certification Required)
Pet Waste Remover (Depends on State)
Phone & Computer Repair Tech
Physical Therapist
Piano Music Teacher
Piano Tuner
Plumber (Needs a license)
Pool Service Technician (Needs a license)
Private Swim Instructor (Certification Required)
Roofer (Depends on State)
Security Guard (Needs a license)
Shoe & Leather Worker
Signage Designer (Needs a license)
Social Worker (Needs a license)
Speech Therapist (Needs a license)
Stylist (Depends on State)
Tile Installer (Needs a license)
Tow Truck Driver (CDL Required)
Tree Trimmer/Pruner (Depends on State)
Vocal Coach
Waxing Specialist (Needs a license)
Wedding Officiant (Needs a license)
Welder (Needs a license)
Woodworker (Needs a license)

Trust & Safety

Overview of Trust and Safety

Service Pond is committed to creating fantastic and safe experiences.

Security of Personal Information

We take the security of all user information extremely seriously, and any sensitive information that may be required to post a job or register as a Freelancer is handled carefully in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For specific questions or concerns, please refer to our Privacy Policy or contact our Customer Support Team via this contact form.

Background Checks

Freelancers have the option to undergo an extensive screening process- those who participate must pass an identity check and is screened for criminal offenses. This background check collects information from national, local, and sex offender databases. In addition, before taking on projects, new Freelancers have an opportunity to have an interview/review with us and to learn the best practices for successful use of the Service Pond platform. Although not all are screened, there is a badge that is displayed on their profile pictures that distinguishes those who have been checked from those who have not.

Dispute Resolution Process

To contact Service Pond about any issues, damages, injuries or billing disputes, our Customer Support Team is available via live chat, phone or email. If you have any relevant documentation, such as pictures or receipts, we ask that you please submit them as they will be required to complete your claim.

If your issue needs immediate attention, please contact our Customer Support Team.

How do I become a freelancer on Service Pond?

We have made the process quite easy- meet the age requirement of being at least 21, fill out the application in the app, and submit/pass the background check. Click here to get started!

How do I deactivate my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! Our goal is to create fantastic experiences; if there’s anything we could have done to have created a better experience, please let us know.

To deactivate your account, please go to your Account page and click the link on the left hand side that says “Deactivate.”

If you’re a Freelancer and have any active projects, please finish or cancel them before deactivating. For additional assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team.

How Do I Get Started?


Post Job Request

Let the Freelancers know what you need.

It’s FREE and EASY to post.

Review Offers

Check out the offers and profiles of our trusted Freelancers. Select the right person for the job and chat them to secure an agreement.


Meetup with him/her and get the job done.     Pay securely and leave a review.