How We Benefit You- The Fish

The Service Pond world, where the Freelancers are the Fish.

As a freelancer, you already have enough stress with just honing your skills and ensuring that you get whatever job that needs to be done- Done. Join Service Pond and let us take the stress away from marketing yourself, setting up new contracts with clients, logging your work history, and wondering whether or not you will get paid. In the Service Pond world, like a fish, all you have to do is wait to get reeled in!

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating System

Free Leads Around the Clock

Free Leads Around the Clock

Save Time, Paper, & Headaches

Save Time, Paper, & Headaches

Work History Tracker

Work History Tracker

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5 Star Rating & Reviews System

Tired of being seen as just another Handyman, HVAC Technician, Painter, Pet Sitter, etc!? With Service Pond, you can make sure your skills are highlighted and that you stand out from among the rest of the fish in the pond via the reviews you get from your clients! 


Focus Only On What Matters Most

With the world itself becoming more and more technologically advanced, we know how stressful it can get trying to keep up. We know how even more stressful it can get doing things the traditional way and logging everything- from appointments to contracts to payments. This is why we exist and why we can’t wait for you to sign up! We have simplified everything for you so that you can take care of what matters most.

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FREE Leads Around the Clock

Getting leads has never been easier nor cheaper! Just setup your account and let the fishermen directly message you and/or cast their bait into Your Pond! You bite what you want and when you want… and most importantly- It’s all FREE! We only get paid when YOU get paid!

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Work History/Payment Tracker

To track and log everything in your transactions, simply use the chat feature tab in your Service Pond mobile app. Feel free to message him/her, set an appointment time and discuss the details of the job, and even have your prospective Client send you any relevant pictures directly through the app so that you can properly evaluate their job!

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